ORGAN ZINE issue 74, 2002

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ORGAN zine issue 74, 2002...

Back in the day, the last century Organ was a hand made hand printed alternative music zine, the first issues cane with Sean Worrall hand screen printed hand painted covers, by 2002 it was a gull of gloassy covered mass produced thing... Organ was written by Sean Worrall and Marina Organ, both of us are still involved in writing about music or broadcasting music, this is what we were doing in 2002

Just found a small stash of unread stock, a lot of the bands are long long gone now, more a snapshot of the the alternative music scene of the time, tHe time being mid 2002, the reviewS all being from London, a mixture of prog, punk, metal, indie, alternative and all points in between. around and just beyond.

Features or interviews with/on IDIOT FLESH, SLEEPYTIME GORILLA MUSEUM, DUFUS, THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, OTEP, IGNITION RECORDS, MIOCENE plus CARDIACS. YOUR HIGHNESS, VACANT STARE, POSITIVE FORCE, DEADFOOD, LADYFEST, LABRAT, REMY ZERO, GUAPO, QUADESH, HAPPY ENDINGS and hundreds more bands, album reviews, demo reviews, gig reviews, zine reviews, book reviews and more. bits of Transistor Six, Dead inside, Sicbay, Earthtone 9, Less Than Jake, Ridgeback, Sikth, Obsessive Compulsive, The Somatics, Soil, Pornorphans, Hiramika Hi-FI, Dead Red Sea, Topcats, Motorhead, Penthouse, Doom, Suffrajets, Zu, Litmus,

48 A4 pages a mix of glossy colour and black and white newsprint