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SEAN WORRALL: 43 Paintings (No:2)

One piece of work in 43 parts, 43 paintings painted together. 43 paintings on CD sized cardboard covers, each one with a CD inside. Acrylic, spray paint, brushwork, marker pen, gloss varnish on card (12cm x 12.5cm).

- A new piece of work in 43 parts. A new 43 pieced piece of work that started during the Unframed? show at No Format Gallery a couple of weeks ago. 43 paintings all painted together, one piece of work in 43 parts. Once again 43 paintings on cardboard CD envelopes. The first one from earlier this year contained 43 copies of the same compilation CD from back in the days of ORG Records, this second 43 piece comes with 43 different CDs, a mix of demos, promos all kinds of interesting discs that are far too good to be left here probably never to be played and far far too interesting to be put in the recycling bin. 43 discs left over from the days before the internet when sack loads of music on physical formats would flood in to us here at Organ.

And no you can't look inside, this piece is mostly about the 43 paintings and a little bit about the mystery inside, each disc was carefully selected, it had to be good, no dreadful indie band demos, just good cutting edge left field ear food. . Each part will be on sale at £5, each one hand painted, each one numbered and signed. All 43 painted together during the last week of July and the month of August

Lowest number available will be sent out