Sean Worrall - D'ya Wanna Be A....? (Remix) - Acrylic on canvas, 30x30cm (Nov 2022)

£50.00 / On Sale

Sean Worrall - D'ya Wanna Be A....? (Remix) - Acrylic, gloss varnish on canvas, 30cm x 30cm x 1cm (November 2022) - A painting that originally emerged in 2021, a painting that was revisited this week, the last week of November 2022 - revisited, reworked, remixed if you like. Fresh layers, new pattern interference, lines, leaves.... 

The painting is signed in my traditional way with an "S" on the actual artwork and fully signed, dated and titled on the back

All work is sent direct from my studio here in East London. Order will be dispatched within three days of the end of the fair and buyers will get a personal confirmation e.mail to let you know the art is on the way.