Sean Worrall - Ten:1050 (Wanted To)" 28th March 2024 - acrylic on canvas 10x10cm

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Sean Worrall - Ten:1050 (Wanted To) – 28th March 2024 - 10x10x1cm, acrylic, gloss varnish on canvas

The ongoing matter of Tens, small paintings, always on a 10cm canvas, i did paint 1000 in 1000 days, one concluded every day, I like the format, I like having them around, I like having a line of them waiting to be worked on here in the studio while I'm working on bigger pieces and while they will not be concluded on a daily basis from now on (beyond the first 1000), they will still be happening regularly and it will be about tens, 10cm, Ten quid, Ten. This is the 1050th in an ongoing series 10cn square canvas paintings...

The painting is signed in my traditional way with an "S" on the actual artwork and fully signed, dated and titled on the back All work is sent direct from my studio here in East London. Orders will be dispatched within three days and buyers will get a personal confirmation e.mail to let you know the art is on the way.