Sean Worrall - “Ten:466 (Any Sort)” – 20th October 2021

£10.00 / On Sale

“Ten:466 (Any Sort)” – 20th October 2021 – Acrylic, gloss varnish on canvas, 10cm x 10cm x 1cm

The ongoing matter of a daily concluded painting on a 10cm square canvas, always on a 10cm square, always ten. This is painting number 466 in terms of the ongoing series of paintings.

An ongoing series of daily concluded paintings, a painting finished every single day, not started and finished, just one concluded every day, always on a 10cm x 10cm x 1cm canvas. The series started in July 2020, who knows how long it will go on for? Always on a 10cm square canvas, always offered for sale at a price of £10, always Ten. There have now been over 470 paintings in the ongoing series.

Signed with an "S" on the art and fully signed and dated on the back.